April 25-26, educators and advocates gathered in the Windy City to discuss crucial issues facing children in our public schools. From the infiltration of big business into public education to high stakes testing and the Common Core, dangers to America's proud tradition of public education were exposed and efforts to neutralize them examined. Explore our archives below to relive this lively weekend, and watch for new video links in the days to come!


-Tanaisa Brown and Jitu BrownJitu Brown, National Director of Journey for Justice & NPE Board and Tanaisa Brown, Secretary, Newark Student Union

-Yong Zhao: Yong Zhao, author of Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Dragon? delivers a speech titled “Fatal Attraction: America’s Suicidal Quest for Educational Excellence.”

-Diane Ravitch in Conversation with Randi Weingarten and Lily Eskelsen Garcia

-Diane Ravitch in Conversation with Karen Lewis


-Student Panel: Tanaisa Brown, Kristin Towkaniuk, Amina Hendersen, and Devonta Boston

-Schools of Opportunity: Carol Burris and Kathy Gephardt

-Teacher Education: Doing What Is Right When Everything Is Wrong: Tim Slekar, Jed Hopkins, Sheila Hopkins, Donna Vukelich-Selva, and Alexandra Miletta

-Community Schools: Gloria Johnson, Jitu Brown, Joann M. Weeks, and Bob Kronick

-Perils of Ed Tech; Student Privacy and Corruption Leonie Haimson, Cynthia Liu, Rachael Stickland, and Nathan Ringo

-BATS and Social Justice: Kristin Vogel, Dr. Denisha Jones, and Aixa Rodriquez 

-BATS Pushing Back Against the Dismantling Of Special Education: Marla Kilfoyle, Terry Kalb, Melissa Tomlinson, and Lorri Gumanow

-Documentary Films for Social Change; Using Documentaries to Engage Communities and Inspire Informed Advocacy: Jim and Dawn O’Keeffe, and Shannon Puckett

-The Battle Between Public School Districts and Private Business Enterprises: Mark B. Miller, Hon. Steve McCarter, Shanthi Gonzales, and Nathan G Mains

-Defending the Early Years: Nancy Carlsson-Paige and Geralyn Bywater McLaughlin

-How To Effectively Debunk Myths In An Era Of Education Misinformation: Jeff Bryant moderating, Hilary Tone, and Diallo Brooks

-Getting Your Book Published: Anthony Cody, John Kuhn, Jose Vilson, and Denny Taylor