Dell Inspiron 3443 Great With Affordable Prices

When looking for a laptop device, of course what you want is reliable performance for all computing needs right? At this time you don’t need to be confused anymore to look for a laptop, many electronic stores sell these devices. Besides that, you can easily get your laptop in the online shop so you don’t have to bother buying it out. If you are in need of a laptop to support design, office, and gaming needs, Dell Inspiron 3443 is the right answer. Designed for the upper middle segment, the price of the Dell Inspiron 3443 offered is quite expensive, around 7 million.

With Dell’s big name, you don’t need to hesitate to own one of these laptop devices. In addition to daily needs, multimedia and multitasking activities will be more fun than the specifications presented at the Dell Inspiron 3443. Better you refer to reviews of specifications and prices of Dell Inspiron 3443 below.

Ergonomically Design

From its physical appearance, the Dell Inspiron 3443 Laptop does not show much difference from other Dell variants. Almost all Dell laptops are made of polycarbonate material with a dashing black bandage. This laptop carries a 14-inch screen with TFT LCD LED (Light Emiting Diode) technology which has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. This screen technology supports your activities that spend more time working in front of a laptop. In terms of its weight is quite heavy, which is 2 kg, but still comfortable to carry. Nevertheless, the output of this American brand laptop has a fairly thin thickness, which is 246 mm which provides portability well. Suitable for you who have high mobility.

The keyboard is fully designed to provide comfort with an ergonomic button design, ensuring better accuracy when typing. For the touchpad it is quite comfortable with the right size, not too big or too small and supports scrolling and zoom functions.

Equipped with Connectivity and Complete Features

With the price of this great laptop under $700 which is priced not cheap, then he does not forget the completeness of the connectivity as well. For file or data transfer needs, Dell provides USB 3.0 ports and USB 2.0 ports. Meanwhile, to connect a laptop with an external display, an HDMI port is available. Don’t forget there is also a slot for the Card Reader. Then for the internet network available Wifi and Ethernet connectivity. All of these features make it easy for users to do various computing activities.

Not only that, Dell also provides its laptop with an excellent HD Webcam feature. Through this webcam you can make call conferences or online video chatting comfortably. For other multimedia activities Dell Inspiron 3443 presents the best audio quality from MaxxAudio Waves. The stereo speaker is able to produce clear, clear sound and consistent tones. The audio quality will be felt when listening to your favorite songs using a headset or watching movies until playing games. It is not wrong if the Dell Inspiron 3443 is very feasible to consider.

Its Performance Is Higher Than Its Competitors

Compared to competitors in the same class, the Dell Inspiron 3443 offers higher performance. That is because Dell instills the latest generation of processor power, Broadwell which is a continuation of Haswell. The Intel Core i7-5500U processor embedded in it can run at 2.4GHz. For more optimal performance, the Dell Inspiron 3443 is supported with 4GB of DDR3L RAM with a speed of 1600MHz.

Besides that the price of the Dell Inspiron 3443 which is a bit draining this bag is equipped with graphics that are no less okay. Dell buried its graphics from the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) of the Nvidia GeForce 840M with 2 GB of VRAM. This graphic relies on 96 shader cores with Fermi technology which has a speed of 775MHz. With all the specifications offered by this laptop, of course, it can be used to support daily computing needs, as well as gaming with certain resolutions.

However, unfortunately this classy laptop is not equipped with a Windows operating system. So, you have to buy a Windows license and install it first.

Battery Life That Is Quite Reliable

Speaking of power consumption, the Dell Inspiron 3443 is equipped with a 4 cell battery that can last up to 4 hours of normal use. You could say the battery resistance is not bad if not too often used outdoors. Just in case if you want to be taken away, you should fill in the full battery.

Besides that, the Dell Inspiron 3443 has a decent storage capacity of 500 GB with a rotor speed of 5400 rpm. With the price of Dell Inspiron 3443 not more than 7 millions, you can count on also for graphic design needs. Seeing the graphics and processor capabilities, it is certainly very supportive of running applications such as Photoshop or 2D applications for editing or drawing.

Competitive Prices in the Class

Price of Dell Inspiron 3443 which is armed with an Intel Core i7 is priced at Rp. 7.8 million. The price is not cheap for some people because indeed Dell designed this laptop for the upper middle class. However, with all the nominal issued you can feel the maximum performance from the specifications in it. This device can support all your computing activities from browsing, office, editing photos or videos, listening to music, to gaming.

Instead of you buying a laptop at a low price, but not supporting multitasking activities will feel futile. There is a price of course there is quality, the possibility of its use can also last for a long period of time. However, the durability of a laptop depends on how you use it all. You can get this cool Dell Inspiron 3443 laptop in the online shop in the section to check the latest prices.